online resources.fwSo you want to create digital media…

Digital media comes in many forms, from videos, infographics, and digital stories, to games or animations. The modules on this site will help you create a range of digital media.

If you’re interested in doing more hands on creation using all sort of Digital media in combination with software and hardware, why not join our Makerspace club!

Before you begin…

There are legal and ethical implications to creating digital media, especially if you are sharing it online!

We’ve created some guides to help you navigate through your legal obligations and to protect your privacy and reputation. Just visit our Introduction to Digital Citizenship page.

The Online Modules

Are you faculty? Check out our Sandbox cartridges for tutorials and quizzes to download right into your MySeneca course!

Present Awesomely

Present Awesomely Website

Step-by-Step Tutorial

Lesson Plan

Digital Storytelling

Digital Storytelling Website

Step-by-Step Tutorial

Lesson Plan

Creating Educational Videos (students)

Student Video Projects Website

Step-by-Step Tutorial: Animated Videos

Step-by-Step Tutorial: Live Action Videos

Creating Infographics

Create Impact with Infographics Website

Step-by-Step Tutorial

 Simply Awesome Websites

Simply Awesome Websites

 Creating an e-Pitch

Creating an ePitch

Create Academic Posters

Creating Academic Posters

Designing Digital Assignments

Designing Digital Assignments

Remixing Web Videos

Remixing Web Videos

Creating Educational Videos (faculty)

Creating Educational Videos

 Find Free (and Legal!) Images and Music Online

Finding Free Images and Music Online

 Audio at the Sandbox

Student Audio Projects

Using Twine in Education (Education Games)

Build “Create Your Own Adventure” Games

Screenshot of 3D Printing Tutorial

3D Printing at the Sandbox

Other Resources:

Lynda Instructional Videos

Lynda Instructional Videos