Student Showcase

EP recorded in the Sandbox by a business student

Mannequin Challenge, MRK634, Fall 2016

The Circle in Triangle Land, EAD408, Winter 2016

Created by: Craig Trustham

Cindy and Rory: The Real Cinderella Story, EAD408, Winter 2016

Created by: Cassandra Abate

They Call Her Victoria, EAD710, Summer 2015

Created by: Iram Zaidi

Evolutions Spa: Essie Launch, SPM518, Fall 2014

Created by: Jade Victoria Cheung, Maria Anderson, Jennifer Pulido

What is Ukraine?, EAC150, Fall 2014

Created by: Oleksii Nuzhdin

Seneca Tech Team, IOS110, Fall 2013

Created by: Brandon Purves, Brett Giesbrecht, Frankie Troung, Eric Trinh